Making The Payroll Process Work Like A Dream

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If you are looking for a solution that will make the handling of employee salaries and tax filings a breeze, then look no further!  Outsource your company’s payroll to enjoy the following benefits and much more:

Save Time, Increase Productivity

In-house payroll processing can take a lot of time; time that would be well spent doing something constructive!  If you are doing payroll, then you have to monitor the following:

  • Benefit deductions
  • Newly hired staff
  • Garnishments
  • Employee terminations
  • Time off payments
  • Changes in regulation on both federal and state levels
Then there is the preparation of W2s that must also be sent out in a timely manner every year.

If you outsource payroll, you will have less to oversee.  Whether you are a small business with 45 employees or a larger employer attending to payroll requires a lot of time and detail-oriented work.  Less time spent working on payroll, will free you to focus on  the company’s dotted line, thus increasing productivity.

Save Money

If you work with a payroll provider, you have the opportunity to reduce many costs directly associated with processing payroll.  The cost to maintain a payroll department, for both a smaller and larger business still have obvious effects on both.

Let us take the example of a company that has less than 25 employees.  If they outsourced their payroll, they would be saving on the following labor costs per hours:

  • Calculation for each period
  • Printing the payroll
  • Getting paychecks authorized/signed
  • Paycheck distribution
  • Maintenance of computer program/software
  • Training and support required to keep the department operating
  • Monitoring tax rates/laws changing
  • W2s

The partial list above can be used to compare your current payroll operation!

Stay Safe from IRS Penalties

A huge proportion of average penalties paid by small-medium sized businesses to IRS is actually due to late or incorrect filings and payments.  Imagine paying penalties every year and how much it is costing your business! One small mistake with the IRS can lead to an audit or penalties.  The most common reason behind these mistakes happen to be the ever changing government rules and regulations, which business owners can’t always catch. Hiring professional payroll providers can help take care of those problems in the easiest and most cost effective ways!

Thinking of outsourcing your payroll?  We are the human resource outsourcing partner that you have been looking for!  Besides payroll administration, we also offer additional services.  Get started by clicking below to get in touch with us.



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