Remote Workers: An Analysis of the Future of the Workplace


There is a common myth among managers that employees who work from home are notoriously unproductive. The cartoonish vision of an employee sitting on their couch in their underwear would make any manager shudder, but recently remote work has begun...

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Onboarding: The Importance of Devising an Effective Strategy


In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of having a solid employee recruitment strategy to hire the best employees to your organization. In that same post, we touched on how hiring employee goes beyond recruiting them to your ranks but...

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How to Design an Effective Recruitment Strategy


Imagine this, you have a project that needs to be done but you don’t have the right people on your team to complete it. So, you open up a job listing, collect resumes, conduct interviews, and finally settle on what you think is the right candidate...

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Employee Burnout: Causes and Symptoms of an Exhausted Employee


On May 28th , 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) updated its definition of burnout in the new version of its handbook of diseases, the International Classification of Diseases- ICD-11. The new definition describes burnout as a “syndrome” and...

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Employee benefits that small businesses can use to stay competitive


With unemployment rates in the United States sitting at a low 3.6 percent, employers are offering employee benefits to recruit and retain talent. A generous benefits package is key to staying competitive in the hiring market, but often it can seem...

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5 Tips for Effective Employee Training and Development


Training is an extremely important component of the employee development process. It forms the foundations of the employee’s knowledge-base, which in turn determine his future prospects within the organization. Though the terms training and...

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