The Great American Holiday


Labor Day is one of those great American holidays. Barbecues, trips to the beach, and three-day weekends are how this holiday is traditionally celebrated in the states, but where does Labor Day come from and how did it start?

For this quick and fun...

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The Challenges of Organizational Change


Have you worked for an organization that went through a transition or change of some sort? Change can be as simple as a new product, a new manager, or even as complicated as a merger or acquisition. Regardless of the type of change, the...

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Don't focus on the PPP's ( Pointless Policies and Procedures)


Don't focus on the PPP's ( Pointless Policies and Procedures).

Good Afternoon Everyone, my name is Bryan Gonzales and I am the VPHR for On The Spot Management and

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Making The Payroll Process Work Like A Dream


If you are looking for a solution that will make the handling of employee salaries and tax filings a breeze, then look no further!  Outsource your company’s payroll to enjoy the following benefits and much more:

Save Time, Increase Productivity


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