New W-4: What You Need to Know


In 2017 Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, one of the largest overhauls of the tax code in three decades. We could write a whole other series of posts that go over what that law changed, but for the purview of this article, we will just be...

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Common Payroll Mistakes


People make mistakes all the time, but there is often little room for error in the business world. Payroll is one of those facets of business where there can be little margin for error, as making a mistake can cost your employees their hard-earned...

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Wage Garnishment: What you should know about the law


Wage garnishments are one of those complex things that a company’s payroll may have to deal with if they have an employee that has a debt that is unpaid and put off. It is a challenging balancing act between Federal and State laws, that when done...

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Outsourcing Payroll Administration and What It Involves

Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll is an aspect of employment that needs to be accurate and punctual every time. Reservations are understandable when it comes to outsourcing the payroll process. However, if you understand how the process works, you can...

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5 Strategies to avoid PAYROLL MISTAKES


Misclassification of Workers

The preceding years have witnessed a rise in the audits monitored by regulators of federal and state wage. One of the biggest mistakes that you should avoid at all costs happens to be misclassifying workers. Since the...

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Outsourcing Payroll And How It Works


IntroductionDealing with payroll can frustrate and fluster even the most experienced payroll experts especially if they have other responsibilities.  Missing tax filing just once can result in a penalty being imposed on the company. Outsourcing...

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Why is payroll administration the stuff of nightmares?



Most business owners have an idea of how much care goes into doing payroll! Especially in organizations that have a large number of employees.For many of these owners, payroll administration is one of the most challenging yet...

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Making The Payroll Process Work Like A Dream


If you are looking for a solution that will make the handling of employee salaries and tax filings a breeze, then look no further!  Outsource your company’s payroll to enjoy the following benefits and much more:

Save Time, Increase Productivity


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